Meet the Fearless Women behind the Laura Whitmore Collab

Meet the Fearless Women behind the Laura Whitmore Collab
Leela Harrison

“Who are you wearing?” can be a loaded question. The newest Toolally x Laura Whitmore collaboration comes back with nothing short of a fired-up answer. The Peacocks and Pearls jewellery range was created by, designed for, and inspired by strong women. Each piece in the collection radiates boldness and elegance, celebrating the power, confidence, and strength of women everywhere. 

They say it takes a village to raise a 23-piece jewellery collection… read on to meet the villagers!

Need we introduce the women behind the partnership itself; the wonderful Mags Walker, artistic director of Toolally, self-professed Fashionista, lover of upbeat music, and herald for retro design has joined forces with Laura Whitmore - renowned for her multifaceted creative talents and soon-to be starring role in Danny Robbins’ award winning 2:22 A Ghost Story. 

Laura expresses her excitement for the partnership: “This is a match made in accessory heaven! As a fan and customer of Toolally, and with our shared love of retro design and music, this partnership feels truly authentic. I’ve loved designing these sentimental pieces with Mags and I hope they bring as much joy to those who wear them as we have felt creating them.”

The Peacocks and Pearls collection was hugely inspired by the festival music of the late 60s and early 70s. Playlists curated by Mags and Laura accompany the collection - keep an eye out for these so you can really get into the vibe and rock out with your feathers out like they did back in the day. 

But behind the florals, behind the festivals, behind the swinging circles of the 60s and 70s, are the inspirations who truly shaped the collection: the women who were fundamental to Laura’s upbringing and influenced several of the collection’s pieces.  

The Carmel earrings are representative not only of the iconic shape of the 1970s Flower Power movement, they were directly inspired by Laura’s mother’s favourite shirt from the era: a blue floral print top conveying the fun and freedom of 1970s fashion. This familial inspiration led to the creation of a staple piece in the Peacocks and Pearls collection. There’s an array of colours to choose from, including tortoiseshell, glittery purple, and of course the sky blue of the original shirt. 

Parent and child relationships are an echoing theme throughout the collection, with the motivating Affirmation bracelets available in both adult and children sizes. Displaying the messages of Hope, Fearless and Hold On, these matching bracelets would make a perfect starting school gift.

Another dearly beloved woman behind the collection was Laura’s next door neighbour, Diana. Described by Laura as the “epitome of elegance”, and rarely seen without her pearls, Diana certainly championed having fun with jewellery and exploring its power to enhance your style. Laura and Mags worked to curate a very special pearl necklace to mark Diana’s legacy. The Diana Pearl Choker is a stunning piece, made up of gorgeous freshwater pearls. Classic and timeless, yet assuredly unique - just like Diana. 

For a creative process to be truly successful, it has to be fun! Mags reveals how much she has enjoyed working with Laura on these pieces: “It has been an absolute joy to collaborate with Laura on this collection. Our mutual love of pearls, late 60s - early 70s style, together with some great storytelling has resulted in a collection that I couldn’t be more proud of. And joy is evident in every piece!” 

With every pearl, flower, and swinging circle, the Peacocks and Pearls collection not only honours the women who raised us, but also celebrates the lasting impact of remarkable women as individuals - feathers and all!

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