Peacocks and Pearls - The Soundtrack

Peacocks and Pearls - The Soundtrack
Leela Harrison

The Peacocks and Pearls range drew on inspiration from the music of the late 60s and early 70s, namely, summertime festival music - when the sun is shining and the weather is sweet.  Founders Mags Walker and Laura Whitmore designed this collection especially for those who want nothing more than to have fun in the sun and celebrate the good times. To help create this summertime spirit, Mags and Laura turned to the era’s best feel good tracks, as well as a few of today’s sweetest tunes. 

Sharing is caring of course; the pair decided it would only be fair to spread the summer vibes to all. So, from the workshop to your speaker, one playlist from each founder is included as an embedded Spotify link with each piece of jewellery purchased from the Peacocks and Pearls range. 

Laura’s Tracks

Laura’s playlist is centred boldly and clearly around strong women, with each tune being female-led in the vocals. There’s also a clear nod here to her Irish heritage, a running theme throughout the collection itself, with pieces such as the Carmels and The Diana necklace being inspired by the women Laura was brought up by, growing up in Dublin. Empowering tracks from iconic Irish artists such as Sinead O’Connor, The Cranberries and more contemporary Lyra of County Cork captures the political and artistic impact female Irish voices have had (and continue to have!) within the music industry. 

Further inspiring tracks from legends such as Stevie Nicks and Blondie inject Summertime Spirit into the tracklist, and two-woman collaboration Jessie Ware and Roisin Murphy in Freak me Now also nicely encapsulates the tone of the double act behind the Peacocks and Pearls collection.  

Laura says....⁠

“My playlist is music by women who inspire me and helped inspire this collection! I was 5 when I asked my mum to buy me the debut Wilson Phillips album featuring “Hold On” ; a song I loved then and love now. The lyrics include one of my favourite sentiments “no-one can change your life except for you” and they inspired one of our Affirmation Bracelet statements. It’s the perfect playlist to accompany your Peacocks and Pearls collection.”

 Mags’ tunes

Short and sweet - just like Mags! Her 9-hit playlist combines upbeat modern pop sensations with smooooth soulful 70s classics. Current industry icons Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and Miley Cyrus are united with R&B legends Natalie Cole, Bill Withers and Al Green. This blend lends itself to be the perfect soothing summertime mix, and reflects the hazy days of summertime festivals and musical memories, whatever the era.  

It wouldn’t be the Peacocks and Pearls collection if there wasn’t a personal touch. Mags tells us how important this playlist is for her, and where its inspiration came from:

 “All of the songs on my playlist are very personal. From “This Will Be”, my wedding song (I’m a cheesy bugger) to “Top of the World”, which I sang at full volume (badly) every time I reached the summit in my mountain biking days oh, and not forgetting “Late to the Party”, mine and my husband’s theme tune. This is my lovely summer playlist of positive vibes.”

There are certainly some bangers amongst these lists, and it goes without saying that they are best enjoyed blasting through a speaker as you’re sat out in the sun, sipping on a cool, fruity tipple, and of course indulging in your latest treat: a statement piece from the Peacocks and Pearls collection!

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