Flameball Baroque Pearl Necklace

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This limited-edition necklace features a large, luminous baroque flameball pearl on a 20″ 14ct gold filled paperclip chain. Each organic pearl has its own lustre and shape, making each one a sophisticated statement in the most unique way.

Chain Length
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Chain length: 20″ 14ct gold filled paperclip chain

Flameball Pearl: Each pearl is individual so the size will vary but will be around width: 15mm (0.59″); drop: 30mm (1.18″)

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Designer Notes

This sophisticated necklace is all about fine detail and classic chic, with its flameball pearl dangling held delicately in place by a beautiful gold linked chain.

The luminescent pearl reflects under the evening lights, creating a flattering glow for your chest and neck.

No occasion is too big for this necklace, which pairs perfectly with any evening or party wear.